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The Goat Paths Forge, studio and Gallery

                   Drawing, Painting and Metal Sculpting Workshops
                   At The Goat Paths Forge, Studio and Gallery
                510 Hepburn Newstead Road Shepherds flat 3461 VIC AU
                                                       Tel  03 5476 4379   Mob 0437 165 645

All we need to do to draw well is to set up the right conditions to see reality without personal bias, this vision is absolutely free of judgment. To set up these conditions, we have to shift our consciousness into the right side of the brain, as artists do.  When we are there, time does not exist anymore, we relate to things as they are, at the present moment…The drawing exercises proposed during the workshops are all designed to create this shift and then to enhance relaxation, awareness, perception and intuition.

The next series of drawing workshops will start on March 10 2016 from 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM, Held every second Thursday of the month for a duration of 5 months. The cost is $250 and all materials are provided. $100 booking fee prior the starting date is essential as places are limited.

Painting will be approached freely experimenting a wide range of mediums to choose from (inks, pencils, watercolour pencils, pastels, watercolours, acrylics, oils, multimedia) or make your own paint from pigments. Painting subjects will be chosen from our environment or copying the Masters. Contact Rosie

Making sculptures in a mix of metals. You will be taught the basic skills of blacksmithing and welding as an introductory course to making your own creations. Contact Peter


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