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After months of not doing a painting I spent some wonderful days working on this portrait of Michel Potay, named Mikal by the Creator in The Revelation of Arès. On one side I depicted the prophet Mikal and on the other side his sign, the falcon. For more than 40 years Mikal has given courage, lucidity and even faith in mankind to many Pilgrims of Arès like us... 
He did not choose to be a prophet but after him, everyone of us can choose a prophetic life by realising God's Plan and rejecting the dogmas from the princes of religions, politics, fictitious sciences or so called justice of the legal system. 
I wish this image will bring hope to you and to the world and inspire you to recreate yourself through penitence: love, forgiveness, spiritual intelligence, peace and freedom from judgment... a prophetic lifestyle! 
The dimensions of the painting are 50cm/60cm, an oil on floating hemp canvas and it has been recently presented at the Daylesford Art Show 2016.


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