Be happy and recreate the world
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Picasso said: "Truth is a lie". (Picasso says - H Parmelin)
Jesus said: "The truth is, the world has to change". (The Revelation of Arès, verse 28/7)
My work is an act for change. It is a quest to find my own truth because Truth is hidden.
That is why I am freeing myself from all religion, politics, culture and judgment and I replace them with love and forgiveness. So that one day, the power of Good which is Truth may prevail again on Earth .

Oneness explores how  we can be one within ourselves, with our children and ancestors, with nature and the Creator. 
I also would like to show that we are the creators of the way we live and the world we live in.

Oneness is now hanging on the wall of the great Buffalo Soldier Coffee Company in Daylesford (just beside the stupor market). To purchasse please contact us. 


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