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The Natural Way To Draw

A new series of drawing lessons will start soon - on the 19th of October, in our new studio of Shepherds Flat.
We will do a lot of intuitive drawings like Contour Drawing (focusing all our attention on the edges of the models without looking at the drawing paper), Gesture Drawing (fast drawing of a person in movement) Upside Down Drawing (copying a drawing which is placed upside down) etc...
These exercises are all designed to develop our natural abilities to draw without fear of mistake or judgment. It is a very efficient and relaxing way to learn how to draw realistically and bypass the control of the left side of the brain, giving all command to the right side, the part of the brain that naturally sees how to draw well.
We will also enjoy plenty of good music and a very relaxed atmosphere at the studio nestled in the glorious Highland Country of Victoria.
We will provide all materials as well as cold or hot drinks.
The cost is $125 for the series of 5 lessons but if you prefer you can pay only for one lesson at the cost of $30. There will be no lesson on Cup Day public holiday.
Everyone is welcome!


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