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Drawing feast

Bye bye Glenlyon, bonjour Dayleford and Shepherds Flat were a series of new drawing classes will start at the beginning of the 3rd term 2015.
I am planning a feast of drawing experiences, 10 classes during 10 weeks for us to learn drawing or to feel more confident in our realistic drawing abilities.
This is a step by step tuition so it important to commit to all classes and to plan some time everyday to practice.
The course is design to let the right side of our brain to take over the drawing task, as it always should. When we are in this creative side of the brain, time does not exist anymore. Even space between us and what we are looking at seems to be different. Drawing definitely creates a shift of consciousness and all exercises proposed in the course aim to help us to create this shift and see reality as it is.
We will focus on the human figure as it is regarded as something difficult to draw. Actually it is not more difficult than anything else but drawing people gives us great confidence in our drawing abilities.
The drawing experience will become relaxing, enjoyable and will help us with all our learning and creative tasks.
The price for 10 classes is $ 120 for children (each classes is for 1 hour and an half) and $150 for adults (2 hours)

For bookings please call me on 0437 165645 or 03 5467 4379


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