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a Maori princess,
Claire, a Pakeha girl
and Rosie, a Belgian woman.
One people in the eye of
Pukemata, the Saint Mountain.

Together welcoming you to
our new exhibition at
The Gallery on Blueskin.
Open until October 15 2010
1 Harvey Street Waitati
Blueskin Bay Dunedin

We really enjoyed the opening
and we met many people
who came to celebrate the day
in the beautiful setting and friendly ambiance
that Louise and Niki prepared to
present the springtime collection
as well as our new creations (some older too).

In the court yard La Pirouette, moving with
ease and simplicity welcomes every passer by
as they will discover Mana a multimedia
on hanging canvas covered with clay,
egg tempera, acrylic and copper leaf.
An image decoratively depicting the
Otago harbour and a sea shell.
That is to remind us that Mana is
still here all around us, for the ones who
can see it and make the little effort to use it.
That is also my way to say that I believe
in Providence: not to worry, everything
will fall into place... if we keep a bright
vision of the future.

That is to introduce the visitors to Peter’s
interpretations of some sea creatures
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The Otago Peninsula where we now live is
also the home of Pukemata, the Harbour
Cone for most of the Pakeha and a sacred
mountain for the Maori and for us.
Here I simply intended to make a big portrait
of her, just her.

For most of us living around the harbour,
the view of this mountain means ‘home’
It is certainly home for the Waitaha,
peace-loving people who lived here for
a very long time.

My intention in the following image,
called We came to Aotearoa to nurture the land
is to take praise of their effort to transmit
the Waitaha’s kind ways to the future generations.

As this nation transmits its histories in 2
books written by a group of elders
-Song of Waitaha and
Whispers of Waitaha.
In the second image called The fire of Truth
I depict some of our history on the West Coast:
Peter carrying the fallen branch of a Nikau Palm
tree for me to make a new basket.

And the fires of truth will burn into all the people
of the land. And they will find the trails of
gentleness and peace.

These verses from Song of Waitaha made me think about
these ones from The Revelation of Arès:

The track man, the rice man, the tubra man rises.

And in the same most important book,
the prophet Mikal (Michel Potay) to explain:
The sensible, hardy, strong man who sets off on
the natural track again until he regains his true
human vocation.

That is to be one with the Creator.
As Charlie No 2 (a work in progress) claims:


If you come to the exhibition, you will also
see some of our older work:
My people’s inheritance,
Our roots are in the Sea of the Above and
Life, an illuminated sculpture.

The gallery is open every day apart from
Monday and we will be
present there again next Sunday,
October 3 2010.

We look forward to seeing you.