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Are we going to ascend?

Kuri, the Maori dog and Fifi, the Pakeha pig are still enslaved by the Crown, the western politico-religious system or Adam’s hierarchic rules which are still dictated by the actual earthly powers that be to glorify itself.

This image (Free yourself ,105 cm diam.) painted on a vintage bed sheet (hand sawn in the middle as the looms of the past were too narrow for matrimonial beds) was presented last month to the annual City of Dunedin Art Competition. This is again a call for Freedom represented by the sailing boat, the Falcon and the possible ascent of the Saint Mountain. Although it is still difficult to escape the political and religious powers that dictate our lives today, it is easy to recognise them and acknowledge our dependencies, this is the first step to freedom. On the other hand being free in a spiritual way is possible right now. That is to be free from any judgment, hatred and moral dependency, as the Revelation of Arès explains the ascent towards the Heights, which is represented in the picture above by the Harbour Cone of the Otago Peninsula or Pukemata for the ancient Waitaha people who lived here before the Crown and its servants decimated their population and way of life.


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