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Since the beginning of religions Jews, Christians and Muslims have been told lies. Today, so many lies are to be found in the new kind of religions: media, government’s... Who knows now where the truth is?
All the prophets, from Abraham to Jesus and now Mikal and many unknown prophets have worked to awaken the people to the truth. They have never intended to create any religion because absolute freedom from religious, political or scientific dogma is essential to see the truth. The truth is to be found inside ourselves first. Who am I? What is my purpose in this given life? How can I help to participate in the collective consciousness that will change the world into a new Eden?
A re-connexion to nature and to my nature is vital as well as a disconnection from all forms of dogma.

In the following image, the prophet is awaking the descendants of the star, the main religious groups.

Mikal’s finger strong it lifts the star of Mosheh, Yuhshoo, its asleep in the night.
His hand the willow beats the horse; he captures the mare.
(The Revelation of Arès XX/15)

Here we are now on the Otago Peninsula which was once the land of a nation called Waitaha who came to Aotearoa-New Zealand to nurture the land and walk in peace.
When vengeful warriors came to visit the land they did not take up weapons, for that is not their way. Here is what they did:

“In the strength of our minds we stood against them offering healing where there was pain and returning kindness for anger.
And the Fires of War seared the land. And our tupuna looked behind the rising waves of pain and out to the stars, and in words of binding prophecy proclaimed...
Walk in the shadows, hide in the waters, move in the mists, step behind the rainbow to save the taonga. Protect our ancestors. Hold the truth close and warm it with brave hearts, for pain will consume the land and the circle of our dreams will be broken. And all will seem lost beyond recall.
Kia Kaha! Be Strong! And the day will come when the taonga will be revealed once more. And we will walk tall with the knowledge in the kete and find joy in the colours of the rainbow.
And the fires of truth will burn into the hearts of all the people of the land. And they will find the trails of gentleness and peace.
Kahuri te Ao... the world turns. And the circle of our dreamtime takes a new shape for a new dawn. And people of all colours join to bind what was broken and live in hope.” (Song of Waitaha, the histories of a nation.)

We found the same kind of prophecy in the Revelation of Arès, the most important book since The Bible and The Koran and in the transcendental movie of Anais Gomez and Billy Yeager, Jesus of Malibu. We warmly invite you to discover its trailer on this link.

Because we, the Waitaha, Mikal and his brothers, Jesus of Malibu and Mindy need your help to change the world...


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