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There's only One of us here

If we are all part of the Universal Consciousness, experiencing Itself.

Then, there’s only One of us here.

A mother her daughter, a father his son, the judge and the jury,
the executioner, the confessioner, the condemned.
You me us and them, were all one.

Our brothers and sisters, the misses and misters,
the big black and curly, the short white and burly.
Whether you’ve got purple, pink, yellow, red blue or green hair

There’s only One of us here.

If we’re all part of the Creator, the Omnipresent.
the One and Only, the Maker

Then, there really is, only One of us here.

So what’s the point in criticising, chastising, negating, hating and fighting the ones who live over there?

When there’s only One of us here.

Lets all smile and be merry, kiss, hug and say sorry
to everyone everywhere.
Because when it comes down to it, like it or lump it

There’s only One of us here.

Yes, there is only One of us

No more no less than One of us

There’s only One of us here.

Peter laszlo, July 2010

Illustration: Hereweka from Sawyers Bay by Rosie Laszlo


  1. Precious words Peter, filled with truth and grace. Thank-you for your poem.

    One day when the sky turns majestic red
    and the voices rejoice
    in ONE singular mantra,
    You and I
    Us and Them
    we reach for these words
    'There's only One of us here'