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Everyone can draw

Lua drawing a self-portrait at a workshop organized in Granity, New Zealand.

Learning how to draw was like discovering wings you never knew you had. In participating in Rosie Laszlo's workshop I felt like I could fly! Being convinced I was simply one of those people who cannot draw, to discover otherwise was quiet mind blowing. After my first class I realised I had discovered a part of myself that was simply dormant and waiting to come alive, I wish everyone who has ever thought they were an 'art class dummy' could have this discovery about themselves.
Donna Brythe

We are happy to announce a future drawing workshop in a new venue in Kew, Melbourne. Please click on the images below to enlarge the program.

Open to everyone regardless of age or experience, this workshop is for you if you think you can't draw but always wanted to, if you want to improve your drawing abilities or if you simply want to enhance your self-confidence and your creativity. We will meet once a week in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, helping each other to practice drawing every day.

Learning how to draw is about learning how to see in a different way using methods based on recent brain studies. By setting up the conditions that cause you to make a mental shift to the right side of your brain, you'll be able to see like artists do and you'll be able to draw as well.

You will experience another state of awareness. While drawing we have direct access at a conscious level to our inventive, intuitive and imaginative powers. We can then express ourselves more completely and profoundly and even enhance our creativity in the everyday life.

More details? Please clic on the image below or contact us for a detailed program.


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