Be happy and recreate the world
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Life is stronger than anything,

Try to suppress Its grows, to knot It in order to control It,
It will follow Its own path and evolves in harmony.
Look at the natural world, see the plants and the way they grow,
Observe and focus on the beauty of Life.
There is only one signature, only one Creator
spread all over creation.

As the culture of our time wants to control Life in every aspect,
"Our penitence is another way of life, being a penitent is to heal
oneself from the life that gives us the culture of our times.
It is to live another Life, the One that the Creator planned for Adam
before he desisted from It."(Michel Potay)
The Revelation of Arès calls penitence the effort of love, forgiveness,
peace, freedom and intelligence. It is our most powerful force
against the controlling and destructive culture of our time.


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