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Boost your creative nature in Rosie Laszlo's scenic studio of Yandoit Hills

New drawing and painting courses/workshops starting in September

The Saturday Workshops
A medley of sensorial experiences and discoveries making drawing and acrylic painting easy for anyone.
Drawing in the morning, from 10.00 to 12.30: $35*
Painting in the afternoon, from 14.00 to 17.00: $85*
Every Saturdays with a minimum of 5 participants

The Monday Drawing Courses
A step by step drawing tuition designed for beginners. It aims to stimulate and to anchor your drawing skills. At the end of the course, you will be competent to draw anything from portraits to perspectives.
8 classes of 2 hours, from 17.30’ to 19.30’: $290*
First period starting 03-09-12

The Wednesday Painting Courses
Experiment painting with oil, acrylic, watercolour, gouache and mixed media on multiple subjects.
8 classes of 3 hours from 16.30’ to 19.30’: $490*
First period starting 05-09-12

*All materials and tools are included in the prices

There are plenty of reasons for learning how to draw, I personally decided to retrained myself to have more confidence in my creative abilities and to express myself with more freedom. Then I discovered more:
-While drawing we develop our inventive, intuitive and imaginative powers in all the paths of our everyday life.
_We discover our unique self, we become closer to our true nature which is to be happy and free of judgments...To be in the flow.

When we draw or paint, we feel transported to another dimension where time does not exist anymore, a place where we feel perfectly receptive to our environment. This is caused by a shift of consciousness from the left side to the right side of our brain. We make a move to a state of mind comparable to the meditative state. There, we don’t think in words anymore but with images, relationships and sensations.

In these courses and workshops we will focus on portraits for the simple reason that this subject seems often difficult... This is a myth and in fact it is not easier to create a landscape or a still life on paper. Actually the subject does not matter, and as you will be able to assess it for yourself. Once you are able to create a likeness in a portrait, you will feel confident to carry on practicing with any subject...

Learning how to draw and paint is easy, I will demonstrate this but to master your new skills you will need to make the effort of practice. Especially at the beginning every day practice is needed. That is why I will ask every participants on the courses to practice their new skills each day of the week (even a few minutes, if your daily schedule does not allows you more). As we will meet once a week, we will be able to show our progress, encourage and support each others.

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