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The Garden never fades in Dunedin

Can you see traces of the Garden of Eden everywhere you go?  We can because we read The Revelation of Arès every day. We believe that the memory of Love, Truth and Happiness of the ancient times is hidden in everyone of us, that is why we can still recreate The Garden through goodness, forgiveness and creativity, anywhere we live.
We don’t live in Dunedin, New Zealand anymore but the memory of the place still lives inside us. Today the beauty of that place but also the beauty of the place where we now live (Yandoit near Daylesford, Victoria) is inspiring us to do beautiful things and give us hope. That is the kind of hope and beauty that we would like to share with you, along with our dream of The Planetary Garden.
This new painting on wood is for sale at the price of AUS$ 450.
We are showing it every Sunday from 10AM to 5PM  at The Esplanade Market in Melbourne along with some of our previous works.


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