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The Ultimate Advice

(...)A shipwright on his scaffold built a fine ship in accordance with the teacher's instruction. The ship was perfect ready to slide down on the slips,

but the shipwright noticed that the ground was parched around him wherever his eyes could see. He thought, "How will I float my ship when the time comes for me to board it?"

He recalled disregarding the true Teacher's ultimate advice; he prayed to the King, "As you see, Lord, my ship is in readiness, fit to join your Fleet, but I took so great care in building it, I took so great pride in it, that I forgot that I was the master of wood, but not the master of the Water in which it could float,

and my ship will soon drying up in the sun." The King gave heed to his repentance,

made the heaven's clouds burst and a Flood fall from them, which formed a Sea

in Which the ship floated. The day when the shipwright had to make way under sail he was able to join the King's Fleet.

Let no one disregard the Water without Which the very best built ark cannot come into Life, is no more useful than the scaffold that permitted the shipwright to raise it patiently, and then along with the scaffold it sinks into the ground where it and its sail sink into the ground where it and its sail rot away.

The Revelation of Arès 18/1-5


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