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“ The radiation of his whole body (...) a gleam unlike any brilliance in the world (...) The man in front of me, though weird and unspeakably majestic (...) Levantine with swarthy colourings, black hair and eyes, hook nose, wide stern mouth. A typical Middle Easterner.”

I made an image in my head after the description Michel Potay made (in the introduction of The Revelation of Arès) of his encounter with Jesus in 1974 at the village of Arès, France. Then I used one of my favourite centuries old French hemp bed sheet to paint this imaginary portrait.
This first canvas of a series of 15 will be presented at The Convent Gallery in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia. With this painting, my intention was to represent an image of Jesus in Arès –Yechou (as The Creator calls him in the Book). Michel Potay described him often looking “at the infinite with that gaze which matter did not stop.(...) I deeply and painfully noticed and felt the great effort Jesus must make to appear in this world (...) as if he had to descend into a foul pit.”
This is a description of our world as evil is spreading wide its devastation in human hearts and throughout society.
Now my deepest belief is that we can change this world.
Religion, politics and corrupted laws have no interest in changing the world but the people will, individual life after individual life, generation after generation. The changed life that Yechou calls penitence is the constant practice of forgiveness, goodness and kindness, freedom and love. That is a constant state of happiness and peace generated from the non-judgemental intelligence of the heart.


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