Be happy and recreate the world
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U can 2

This is only a small sculpture in size –about 50 cm high,
but the message is Great:

Jesus is not only calling you to walk with him on water,
he is calling you to be a messiah, a christ, a prophet like him.
Or you can be a corrupt judge, priest or politician...
It’s your choice.
What ever you believe in, you create it.
This is the magic of life
and we the people are the magicians
and the creators of our own lives.
Man has created the system of injustice we live in,
now it is time to recreate the world we want for good,
for all of us and for the future generations.
So that we will experience again peace on Earth.
Thought creates experience, it is not a secret.
Watch over your own thoughts and be sure they are really yours,
Be one within yourself (The Revelation of Arès)
Free yourself from the conformism of the pessimism of the system.
If many people believe in Armageddon it will happen, for sure
but on the contrary if enough people believe in the restoration of Eden,
then we will rejoice forever.
Free yourself from the culture that has been imposed upon you,
the lies of the religions, the politicians, the media
and from your own lies.
Be true to yourself and to everyone.
Free yourself from judging anyone and change your own life.
Then, if enough people change their lives, the world will change.
Man, free yourself...
U can 2.


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