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Why we are moving

This place was perfect for us... We thought. We were so grateful. Click here to listen to a show on National Radio with the story of our installation at The Goat Path. We still are grateful today because now we have awoken to the reality of our mission. We need help. We need help to change the world and to change ourselves. Time runs faster and faster and our project here would take too long before being able to make this place attractive to people. That is why we decided to put our block of land on the market. You can discover it on Trade me. Now we've found studios, galleries and accommodation already existing in Port Chalmers (Dunedin) where there is a much bigger human potential. There, there is more manure that can be mixed into the ground of the Garden of Eden.
The West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand is so beautiful its attraction was immediate. At that time, 3 years ago already, we needed an affordable place for our yurt and to develop our project. We were so impressed by the beauty that we forgot about the reality of our situation: We will only be able to help to save the planet by helping enough people to save themselves, to wake up together to the truth of who we are, the image or the likeness of The Infinite Power. We are part of the yeast of a world much more beautiful than the West Coast if only we can help each other to become human, humus, humble. That is to become brothers and sisters and to love one another.

Oil painting by Peter Laszlo


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