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Guided tour

We are happy to show you some pics of our last exhibition Our roots are in the Sea of the Above which is still to be seen for another month.
This is the second exhibition Peter and I did together in Westport. After weeks of preparation and pressure, we had to find the right place for everything we did in a couple of hours. It was good to do that with a little help from Lyn Samartino, the owner of the café who knows how to display art works in a way to create the maximum effect.
When everything was hung and displayed, I was delighted to see how Peter’s work complements mine. This all process of working together was paved with joy but also uncertainty and the opening of the exhibition gave us the opportunity to loosen up with our dear friends. We also met people we didn’t know and talked about the importance of our spiritual lives in order to release Love all over the world. The Sea of the Above has a nature unknown to man (The revelation of Arès 20/4) but as one can read on the foot of Peter’s sculpture (above): once the soul has been created by a virtuous, giving and forgiving life, it wi ll glide along the Sea of spiritual eternity. It might also be the place where our spirits were conceived... only the Creator knows.

Please follow us inside the restaurant, below you can see 2 native birds, Weka and Wood Pigeon attesting that we are for now on the West Coast of New Zealand. Click here to view the details.

Below you can see 2 mandalas directly inspired by the crown of our yurt. I had lots of fun painting them a tempera, a time-honored technic using eggs and pigments mixed together. I am happy with the matte effect of the tempera, it suits well the textured canvas and the qualities of the pigments. Can you see the 2 candle sticks with the knots... Peter's creations complementing mine and vise versa.

Please press on Mandala 1 and on Mandala 2 to view the close-up.

On the next wall. Fear illustrates the opposite feeling of the oneness found through the numinous mandalas. Be one within you. If your stomach hollows with fear you are ten. Be one... explains The Revelation of Arès (The Book XXIV).

Fear is a tempera on paper bonded to board.

In the next room, the big hanging canvas Waters talks about the water that we all know but also about The Water of the Above, that the soul like a sail glides along -which has a nature unknown to men (The Revelation of Arès 20/4). In the same way that the water is the main support of all life in this world, the Water of the Above supports the soul's life. Not only after our death but also here and now, It is our spiritual food.

In the same room, you can see another big painting called Our roots are in the See of the Above. Man has created a world (the lower part of the image) based only the exploitation of the natural resources but that can always change by developing our spiritual resources (the highest part). The extensive mining of the West Coast is represented by a piece of coal, the rat game and the fake clouds (chem-trails) express the impossible future of our societies which deny the importance of a spiritual life. The black king is leading people directly towards self-destruction. That is why, as The Revelation of Arès -and the child in the painting state, The Truth is, the world has to change (Rev of Arès 28/7). The Olive Tree represents our spiritual inheritance, our not totally forgotten roots that we will use to create a bright future walking towards The Heights (the mount) . As wrote Michel Potay -in the new French edition of The Revelation of Arès, there is The Sea of The Above, the heights of light and truth where happiness , but not gold (materialism) will be the essential value.

Lets go in the garden now, where we can see some of Peter's work: 2 Forget me knot sculptures and a goat's head called Billyboy

Back inside we can see in the main room another big painting with the title My people's inheritance. Centuries old linen with all its patches (sometimes 3 layers of patches) is an excellent background for this textured painting which talks about the possibility of sharing a patch of land from generation to generation.

More wrought iron is displayed in the secondary room for the public to touch. People might feel that ones Peter has finished to transform a cold piece of metal into the fire, it becomes enjoyable to touch as if some more life has been added with the forging process. Below is Lizard and Mantra Plate .

The next photo presents Peter's work and mine together. A sculptural lamp, Triffid Lamp happily share the space with Guardian of the water, a vision of a lady living in the water running from Crystal Creek, the creek that runs where we live.
As noxious poisons are still discharged on New Zealand's land and water ways in order to willingly kill all the mammals (apart from the Bats) living free in the bush, this is an attempt to show how lively is the water and how respectful one should be towards all kind of life forms. We often don't see things as they are but as we are.


  1. It is a great pleasure to see your work again. I was very happy to follow the link here from freesoulblog. :-) djd